36 ft Cigarette Speedboat

Boat Details

Length 36 ft
Speed 42 kts

Trip Details

36ft Cigarette Speedboat

36 ft Cigarette is the ideal speed boat to see all the island's hot spots. You can explore the islands, the coves and the nature reserve. You can stop to enjoy your lunch in one of the several restaurants nearby the ocean.

A fun way to spend a pleasant day in the Caribbean!

Half Day Charter (3.5 hours) - St Maarten/st Martin

  • $775 USD
  • This journey will take you to fantastic snorkeling locations in St Maarten / St Martin and beautiful beaches with crystal clear, calm waters.

    Includes: Captain, crew, snorkeling gear, iced water, sodas and beers.

Full Day Charter (7 hours) - St Maarten/st Martin

  • $1100 USD
  • In beautiful tropical waters, you can enjoy snorkeling, gazing at giant megayachts and clifftop villas. You can watch jets land overhead and explore regional delicacies - St Maarten & St Martin have it all. On this whole day charter, you can experience all the prime spots.

Transfer - St Barths (One way)

  • $1100 USD
  • You can be carried rapidly and conveniently to St Barths.

    Includes: Captain, crew, iced water, sodas and beers.

Full Day Charter (7 hours) - Anguilla

  • $1200 USD
  • Here you will experience an exploring day on Anguilla's beautiful island. For swim with sea turtles and untouched elegance, what else can you ask? Anguilla is one of the Caribbean's jewels and a must-see destination.

Full Day Charter (7 hours) - St Barths

  • $1350 USD
  • You can see the rich and famous island. In beautiful nature reserves you can enjoy snorkeling,  For some shopping visit the capital city of Gustavia or sip champagne on a secluded beach. St Barths is home to beautiful scenery and sights.